We Guide You the way to Market Your Business On Offline

Offline marketing strategies tend to be more expensive than online ones, requiring businesses to develop all-encompassing plans before implementing campaigns. Typically, a company must first decide exactly who they are trying to reach – the target demographic for either new or existing services – and then determine what media channels can be used to reach them.

Market research data can be purchased to bring companies up to speed on the media consumption habits of their target audience. If potential customers tend to read certain magazines, then marketers can strategically place ads in those publications. These ads typically feature consistent messaging about the company as well as brand imagery – the same slogans and logos are used to build familiarity with potential customers.

Here are 12 budget friendly offline marketing strategies that you can add to your marketing plan to bring in new leads and customers for your business. Some of these might be helpful for your business, and others won’t. It depends on your business and on what you’re prepared to do promote it.

Cinema Theatres

One of the important factors is that an advertisement is a medium which reaches people from every corner and around. People’s population so converged that they visit theatres in every while of before and after the show time. It is also noticed that people pay more attention to the cine ads than TV ads in the market. Since they are telecasted 15 minutes before the show we have enough time to deliver any details of content to the audience.

Branding opportunities are extended to the customers and at F5Craft, we will help our clients with the best portrayal of their product advertisement. Ads relating to commercial products, design docs and technical display are taken care of and with all the required display contents are presented to the end user on screens.

Our Approach are :-

* On-Screen Slides

* On-Screen Ad Films

* In-lobby Signages

* Ticket Jacketing

* Beverage Ads

* Parking Ads

How to proceed ?

An Agency dedicated to serving brands. Being one of the oldest and trusted cinema advertising agencies in India, F5Craft believes in delivering quality, loyalty, and satisfaction, in the best form possible.

We provide consistent on-screen advertising services to a vast and diverse clientele; corporate, retail & media agencies.

* Share Ad Requirements

* Receive Quote

* Get our Agents to Compete

* Clear Payment & Go Live

Bus Adverstising

You can broadcast your company’s message far and wide by advertising with the help of F5Craft. We have a high range of connecting amongst the best traveling agencies so that it will aid you to establish an international business model with a distinguished brand.

F5Craft Company is based out of Kallangadu, Tirupur. F5Craft is the best offline marketing services in Tirupur, India. F5Craft enable you to open new routes at lower risk and make them profitable advertising the beneficial course routes. Our services include printing and delivery. We stand in the top 10 place for the best offline marketing company in India. You can also increase profit on existing routes with a highly competitive market.

Our Approach are :-

In case of bus back advertisements we make sure the advertisement captures the passenger’s eye and so the ads are displayed on the Bus panel, Bus inside, Bus Side Panel, Bus Driver back panel, Bus window top and the bus advertisement services includes Bus inside Branding.

* Bus panel advertising

* Bus Inside Branding

* Bus Side Panel

* Bus Driver back panel ads

* Bus window top ads

* Bus branding advertising

Professional Flyer & Phamplet

We broadcast your product at all reaches by advertising with the help of F5Craft unique creativity on design contents. With a leveraged connect amongst the marketing co-existence; we possess international business methodology with a distinguished brand and deals. At F5Craft, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, our customers are considered partners to put forth their ideas to bring up an effective model to promote features of pamphlets and flyers. We bring in the wide range of innovations in connection with the leading artists and technical professionals.

Cost effective designs and reliable contents will be delivered as expected. We do flyer advertisements at the most affordable cost

Flyer Design

Apart from the ones mentioned above, we have the required expertise to provide pamphlet designs for the following :-

* Event Flyers

* Product Catalog Flyers

* email Flyers

* Corporate Flyers

* Product Catalog Flyers

* Direct Mail Flyers

* Party Flyers

What do we do? :-

Advertising with us will be a powerful and effective marketing measure for your business wherein we possess clever advertising methods that will aid you to reach customers increase and increase your sales targets. F5craft Company is based out of Kallangadu, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. Your content will be efficiently managed and designed with the required contents for effective advertising and promotion of products. Cost effective designs and reliable contents will be delivered as expected. We do flyer advertisements at the most affordable cost.

Phamplet Design

Apart from the ones mentioned above, we have the required expertise to provide pamphlet designs for the following -:-

* Academic Pamphlet

* Outdoor Pamphlet

* Vacation/Travel Pamphlet

* Corporate Pamphlet

Television Advertising

F5craft provide advertising with television ads to promote the products of our customers. We provide a significant part of the fund participation for private television networks. Ads promoting electronic goods, households, clothing and accessories, jewelry can be promoted with the help of the Tirupur’s best network of TV advertisers.

Since television is a tool which prominently used people are prone to watch the promotions intact. The consequent rates of each broadcaster may vary but in the tie-up with the F5craft, the cost-effective planning is assured to the customers. Widespread promotion is always a part of the advertisement team in the long run with us.

List of TV ad formats:-

* Aston Band

* Teleshopping Ads

* L Band

* Testimonial advertising

* Scroller Ads

Newspaper Advertising

Advertising via newspapers is considered a practice which is highly practiced over time than any other forms of advertisement, yet it proves as the kind that business professional considers in priority. Our services include designing and efficient content delivery. At F5craft we provide ads which can do enormous advantage than just advertise your product item and promote every requirement of our customer and we will put forth our innovative skilling to bring in required view to sustain the product’s promotional view point.

We provide better aid to reach people and target audience of a strategy to get their news via television, radio or the internet. Being the most provide cost-effective and reliable advertising company in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu we make sure we meet the significant needs.


Ad type Dimension (in sq cm)


Full Page Newspaper ad



Half Page Newspaper ad



Quarter Page Newspaper ad



Sky Bus Newspaper ad



Jacket Newspaper ad


What do we do? :-
( newspaper ad sizes and ad format)

At f5craft, our target audience is initially set so that we create such advertisements that will grab people’s attention at first sight. We do newspaper advertising at the most affordable cost. We ensure that both the use of daily and weekly papers contains the sections with relevant advertising content to promote the product of our customer. F5Craft is the best newspaper advertising company in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India.

We will have our representatives to contact you in case of any needful. One advantage is a lot of times for these part of papers we make it affordable so that proficiency of content is established. All the ideas and creativity are designed by our professional teams to sustain the appreciation of our customers.

Magazine Advertising

Advertising with magazines can be made with print ads which run at local and national print services. At F5craft we make this easy with an experience of high-level content on your product and we make folding edges meet for the successful promotion of your business. F5craft Company is based out of kallangadu, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu.

We provide the best quality services and we are stand high for our timely delivery. We have clear communication drives to ensure the strategy of magazine ads to maximize our target audience. We do magazine advertising designs at the most affordable cost. We have the options of monthly and weekly magazines in which we allow our customer to select any scheme of their choice.

Advertising options in Magazines:-

We offer a monthly subscription magazine to advertise business connects all over and publicize market essentials. Our creative team of designers makes out-of-box kinds of stuff which make us unique from others. According to the subscriptions we rely on the tech team to support develop the customer content. We also have the premium advertising spots reach with inclusive. We differentiate with respect to full cover and page cover designs. In the case of our customer’s long support, we also provide complimentary page cover. F5craft is the best magazine designing company in Kallangadu, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India.

* Monthly Readership

* Full-color Publication

* Advertising Rates

* Ads formats and magazine ads

Offline Marketing Includes:-

Informative cards or flyers

Branded vehicle Ads

Press releases


Special offers

Loyalty Programs

Attend events


Phone Call


Print Advertising

Guest speaker

Informative cards or flyers

Rather than a simple sales focused flyer, create free, informative cards or flyers to engage new customers. Think about relevant, useful content that your target market will value such as informative infographics, top tips or how to … Make sure it practical for reading, keeping, and saving. Add discount coupon to help ensure people hang on and follow up on receiving the flyer. Coupons also give you a way to track and monitor the success of your marketing effort.

"TIP – It is important to regularly monitor and review your marketing activities to determine whether they are achieving the desired outcome."


Community groups, local events and organisations value sponsorship because it offers them support and build awareness of your business within a community. It is a great way of broadening your competitive edge by improving your brand image and credibility by supporting events that your target market finds attractive.

Sponsorship does not necessarily require money. It can involve the provision of services, goods, administrative support or marketing assistance in exchange for an agreed-upon amount of exposure.

Branded vehicle Ads

Turn your car into a mobile billboard. From a simple back window vinyl sticker to a full car wrap, you will be advertising your business wherever you go.

Press releases

Create a press release for a new product, promotion or business milestone and send it around to local papers and print magazines.

Special offers

Another great way to build brand awareness, foster brand loyalty and get your message out there is by having a sale or special offer. Consider offering a discount to a specific target market. This make customers feel privileged, while boosting leads and sales. As well as encouraging these individuals to make purchases with you, it is also likely to attract word of mouth promotion amongst people they know.

Offer your product or service as the prize for a community group, local event or organisation. Events or organisations where your clients or prospects go to learn, grow and socialise are excellent opportunities to promote your business.

If your aim is to increase traffic to your website, your advertisement can instruct customers to print their coupons from your website. If they want a discount, they have to make a stop online.

Loyalty Programs

The concept behind a customer loyalty program is simple: repeat customers are rewarded and businesses increase sales. You could use a point system such as buy nine, get one free as you might find in coffee shops with a simple loyalty card requiring a physical stamp after their purchase and visitors their tenth drink free.

You can use this as a model and tailor the specifics to your business. If you run a service-based business, it may make sense to offer a discount on future orders to customers who spend above a certain amount. For example, award a 10 percent-off coupon for every Rs.1000 customers spend in a single order.

Attend Events

Get out of the office and network. There are many local business groups you could join or start your own. Networking is great to bring in more business as well as get business support from like minded people and experts. Look for businesses that don’t compete with you but offers complementary services or products.

Networking events will increase your visibility as well as provide the opportunity to start and build new relationships with other business owners by sharing ideas, asking questions, discussing business and learning from other business owners.

Participate in trade shows and workshops to enhance your business network. These can provide a great opportunity to put the most effective offline marketing strategies in practice. In addition to in-person networking, you can also pass out print materials and perhaps even get the opportunity to be a featured speaker. Whether you participate by having a stand, are involved as a speaker or if you are just visiting, you are likely get something valuable out of it.


Stationery acts as an ambassador for your business since it reaches the hands of both existing and prospective clients. Your stationery design is incomplete if it does not represent your business. You want to leave an impression of a well organised and professional business by making sure you have considered the essential stationery items that your business needs.

This may include: business cards, letterhead, with compliments slips, CD labels, invoices and quotes, writing and note pads, price lists, application forms, packaging, referral pads, stickers and envelopes.

In this age of social media and our ability to connect digitally, make sure you still have business cards. Anyone who receives one will have a reminder of your business. If you turn up to a networking event or a meeting with a client or potential investor, you will regret not having something to leave behind as reminder of you and your business.

Print Advertising

Advertising will help make people aware of your product or service. Effective advertising will make them buy. Print advertisements is another method for getting in front of more potential customers. These are best positioned in highly targeted publications where you can guarantee members of your target audience will see your ad.

Depending on your budget you can design and distribute postcards or flyers. Take it a step further with catalogs or design a beautiful newsletter that contains interesting information along with some promotional pieces.

If possible, include a URL or a QR code in the print advertisement to send visitors to the landing page, which will help you track these campaigns better.

Guest Speaker

A speaking engagement puts you in front of a highly targeted and interested audience that is already primed and ready to pay attention to what you have to say. An opportunity to be a guest speaker at a live event is a great chance to promote your business from the stage. Make sure you offer lots of value before selling.

Free workshops are a chance to share your knowledge and at the same time give people a taste of what it could be like to work with you. The aim is to provide value in a short 30 to 60 minute session and include an offer that people can’t resist or get at any other time.

Phone Calls

Give existing customers a quick call occasionally to find out how they are. Keeping in touch with your customers is about maintaining relationships. Customers are most likely to keep buying from you if you have a strong relationship.


Sending your existing customers thank you, Christmas and birthday cards is a lovely way to encourage them to advocate your brand. A well designed, well thought out personalised greeting can show customers that you care and that they mean something to your brand.

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