Office Automation

Here at F5craf we maintain a robust office automation system. Raw data storage, electronic transfer, and the management of electronic business information comprise the basic activities of a sound office automation management system.

The backbone of office automation is a LAN, which allows users to transmit data, mail and even voice across the network. A variety of office automation systems are now applied to business and communication functions that used to be performed manually or in multiple locations of a company, such as preparing written communications and strategic planning.

Considering that company organizations requires increased communication, today, office automation is no longer limited to simply capturing handwritten notes. It collects, stores and oversees these aspects of a business effectively without any errors.

  • Saves Time and Manpower
  • Many tasks can be done faster as compared to maintaining reports manually.
  • User friendly system, and can be handled by any individual for performing many kinds of tasks.
  • Task allotment for the process is very quick
  • Reduces space required to store records and can be used by multiple people at the same time.

  • Staff records
  • Attendance
  • Project allocation
  • Project allocation
  • Pay-roll processing
  • Accounting
  • Security
  • Sales
  • Time charts
  • Conferencing
  • Projects

These dynamic features of this office automation software gives a trendy and faster growth to an organisation and helps to achieve lots of gain and fortune coupled with visibility in the arcade of any industry.

Some of our Pay-roll Management System Demo Here..!